5 Signs Someone You Love Suffers from Depression

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5 Signs Someone You Love Suffers from Depression

Depression is a mood disorder that many people do not initially recognize. This mood disorder is often characterized simply as “sadness” for an extended period. Everyone feels down at times, and certain situations can make us feel ‘depressed’ so it is important to recognize the signs of more serious depression and those who need help.


Sadness can be anything from melancholy to complete despair. Prolonged sadness that cannot be explained is a danger sign of a more serious mood disorder.


Anger, often explosive and without provocation, can be a manifestation of a mood disorder that includes severe depression. Not all patients with severe depressions will display anger. Inner rage may be contained, worsening the depression.

Loss of Interest

A person suffering from severe depression will lose interest in almost anything he or she enjoys. Whether it is a hobby, spending time with family and friends, sports or work. Withdrawal from outside life is an important sign of severe depression.

Unable to Perform Activities of Daily Living

Basic tasks like showering, oral hygiene or changing the bed linen become impossible. Just getting out of bed in the morning is insurmountable. Personal appearance becomes unimportant.

Feelings of Worthlessness

Someone suffering from untreated severe depression will eventually begin to succumb to the self-loathing thoughts. Feelings of resentment, worthlessness and hopelessness develop. Thoughts of self-harm and suicide ideations complete the natural progression.

Change in Diet

People who suffer from depression will sometimes take comfort in food, gaining weight. Others may feel unable to eat or have no interest in eating. Dramatic changes in weight can be a sign of a serious mood disorder.

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