Felicia A.

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I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate Pittsburgh Ketamine Clinic. My first trip to the clinic was accompanying my son for his infusions for chronic pain and depression. I was very anxious about his first treatment but was immediately put at ease by the kindness and sincere compassion from Dr. Macler, Jean, and […]

Claire C

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I had my first Ketamine infusion 3 months ago. Almost instantly upon completing my 2nd treatment, I knew my life was changed. Very quickly thereafter I knew I needed to write this testimonial in an effort to help others and to spread the word about Ketamine. Despite wanting to write this testimonial, it has taken […]


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Ketamine treatment has been life saving! This was my last hope. After 30 years of sinking despite everything else (40+ meds in all possible combinations, 14 or so inpatient stays, Electroconvulsive therapy treatments) and none of these methods were effective. I have been brought back from the grave with the infusions. I’d like to make […]


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My, yes, my Pittsburgh Ketamine family is absolutely awesome and life-saving. While not at the feeling amazing level yet, I feel it is an attainable goal. And, I had a very embarrassing accident recently. I called the office and they made me feel so comfortable; they were very accommodating and I highly, highly recommend Dr. […]


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I can not say enough about Dr. Macler, Jean, and Kerri at Pittsburgh Ketamine. They truly care about their patients and he made sure to address every question we had before starting any treatment plan. You will not find a more knowledgeable or compassionate group of people in my opinion.


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Dr. Macler saved my life. He and his staff are absolutely amazing! I had been on the hamster wheel of anti-psychotics, anti-convulsants, you name it. Nothing helped. I found Dr. Macler and my life has improved exponentially. Thank you so very much Dr. Macler and family; because they treat you like family. They truly are […]

Kirk A. Brown

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Dr. Macler was extremely knowledgeable about the procedure. He take his patients comfortability to heart and he really cares, so does Nurse Kerry, and Jean. They made me feel at home. I would recommend them to anyone, even my family. Pittsburgh Ketamine is a top notch practice with top notch people.

Cory Krchnavy

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Dr. Macler and his staff at Pittsburgh Ketamine changed my life forever! Words cannot express the gratitude I have for him and the treatment I received! When I was 16, I began to notice that I was becoming generally unhappy with my life. Being an honors student who was involved in many extracurricular activities and who […]


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My experience with Dr. Macler may be the best I’ve ever had with any healthcare professional! He is incredibly kind and great to listen and respond promptly to any questions or concerns, and my first two treatments were an absolute breeze thanks to how comfortable his office is, not to mention his awesome staff. My […]

Susan Vargo

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We can not be more grateful to Pittsburgh Ketamine. Dr. Macler has been with us every step. I can not explain how supported we felt throughout this treatment. The Doctor and staff stood by us every step of the way. For my daughter, it works. She has tried every horrible treatment and every drug out […]