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In general, patients will need to be referred to us by a psychiatrist. Please contact us for assistance with the scheduling process.

Ketamine Infusion Treatments

I have seen from my results, as well as the dozens of research articles from leading university medical schools and the NIH, that when it comes to treating treatment resistant depression, Ketamine infusion therapy offers new hope where there was none. If you cannot find relief from your depression, this treatment may be the perfect option for you. Besides its high success rate, this treatment may also work within hours, making it ideal for people who are suffering from severe mood disorders, suicidal ideations, or self-loathing thoughts.

To learn more about this proven and safe treatment for severe depression, please study this site for additional details including information about the treatment plan itself.

If you would like to schedule a consultation and treatment with NY Ketamine Infusions, LLC, please contact me today.

Is Ketamine Right for Me?