I sought ketamine infusion treatment for depression from Dr. Brooks in August 2013. My depression has impaired me for 30 years and rendered me empty, alone, suicidal, and virtually disabled. For me, ketamine works. You cannot imagine the feeling when decades of suffering rapidly drain away. For the first time in my adult life, I feel alive and hopeful for my future. Dr. Brooks is very skilled, very compassionate, and very knowledgeable about the current state of ketamine research. He really engaged with me, and gave me unlimited time to ask all my questions. His manner is friendly and professional, and his focus on precision and safety instills confidence. As ketamine treatment becomes more widespread, Dr. Brooks’ should serve as a role model for other doctors.


I’ve never met a physician with more patience, compassion and attentiveness than Dr. Brooks at NY Ketamine Infusions. He’s remarkable.

Maria Karidis

I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate Pittsburgh Ketamine Clinic. My first trip to the clinic was accompanying my son for his infusions for chronic pain and depression. I was very anxious about his first treatment but was immediately put at ease by the kindness and sincere compassion from Dr. Macler, Jean, and Kerry After witnessing the improvements my son was experiencing from the ketamine, I decided to start treatment for my own treatment resistant depression. The weekend after my first set of infusions, I ran errands, deep cleaned my apartment, gave my dog a bath, and signed up for a painting class! The brain fog is lifting and I am able to complete tasks and do my job with more confidence. Since starting treatments, I have been able to make it through some very trying times without falling apart.
It is rare to find a medical practice where you are treated like a person and not just a patient. I highly recommend Pittsburgh Ketamine Clinic.

Felicia A.

Dr. Macler was extremely knowledgeable about the procedure. He take his patients comfortability to heart and he really cares, so does Nurse Kerry, and Jean. They made me feel at home. I would recommend them to anyone, even my family. Pittsburgh Ketamine is a top notch practice with top notch people.

Kirk A. Brown

My experience with Dr. Macler may be the best I’ve ever had with any healthcare professional! He is incredibly kind and great to listen and respond promptly to any questions or concerns, and my first two treatments were an absolute breeze thanks to how comfortable his office is, not to mention his awesome staff. My fiance, who was very skeptical of this treatment, is now completely supportive of it now that he has met Dr. Macler’s team at Pittsburgh Ketamine. It is so obvious that they are truly concerned about the well-being of their patients from the moment you contact them about treatment. I really can’t recommend them enough, and I am excited to continue my relationship with them for further treatments :)


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