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Free from Chronic Pain

Treatment protocols are individually planned depending on the nature of your pain and your response. In some cases a series of treatments will be recommended, often daily for a period of a week or more. The duration of pain relief following one or more ketamine infusions can not be predicted. The goal is to achieve lasting relief as measured in weeks or months following the last treatment. Most patients who enjoy prolonged pain relief will need to return on occasion for a booster infusion, or continue to take oral ketamine at home.

There is no guarantee that ketamine infusions will improve your chronic pain. Approximately 20% of patients will not experience relief. After the first two infusions together we will decide whether the continuation of ketamine therapy is right for you.

Because we can not predict your response, the first two ketamine infusions will be at lower doses and of shorter duration. Starting with the third dose and thereafter, the duration of the infusions will average four hours. The Ketamine dosage will be determined individually according to your pain response.


The Cost of Treatment