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Henry Macler, MD


The near loss of his teenage daughter to depression compelled Dr. Macler into the use of Ketamine Infusion Therapy to treat depression and neuropathic pain syndromes.

Like Dr. Brooks, he is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, and completed his residency at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital. He has been Chief of Anesthesia and Medical Director at the Ambulatory Surgical Center at St. Louis University, Associate Professor of Anesthesia at University of St. Louis Medical School, and is a member of The American Society of Anesthesiologists, The New York State Society of Anesthesiologists and has been President of the Missouri Society of Anesthesia.

Dr. Macler uses Dr. Brooks’ proven protocols in the treatment of depression and chronic pain. If you or a loved one needs help, please contact Dr. Macler.

"Extremely Appreciative"

“I am extremely appreciative for Dr. Macler and his team and the work they do. I believe that they rescued me from a long-term feeling of hopelessness. I had thought that being significantly depressed was just something I would have to try and live with. I was surprised at how effective the treatment has been, and I am just as equally pleased at the level of compassion and care that both my husband and I have received. I’m so happy to have found this office, and I’m glad that I now feel as though I have a path toward a brighter future.” – Marc C.

"Made Me Feel at Home"

“Dr. Macler was extremely knowledgeable about the procedure. He takes his patients’ comfortability to heart, he really cares, and so do Nurse Kerry and Jean. They made me feel at home. I would recommend them to anyone — even my family.
Top notch practice, top-notch people.”
– Kirk, 29


“Absolutely excellent care. The treatments are effective for my daughter. It’s outstanding.”
– Susan, 55

"The Fog Is Lifting"

“I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate Pittsburgh Ketamine Clinic. My first trip to the clinic was accompanying my son for his infusions for chronic pain and depression. I was very anxious about his first treatment but was immediately put at ease by the kindness and sincere compassion of Dr. Macler, Jean, and Kerry. After witnessing the improvements my son was experiencing from the ketamine, I decided to start treatment for my own treatment-resistant depression. The weekend after my first set of infusions, I ran errands, deep-cleaned my apartment, gave my dog a bath, and signed up for a painting class! The brain fog is lifting and I am able to complete tasks and do my job with more confidence. Since starting treatments, I have been able to make it through some very trying times without falling apart. It is rare to find a medical practice where you are treated like a person and not just a patient. I highly recommend Pittsburgh Ketamine Clinic.”

– Felicia, 60

"Gave Us Our Life Back"

“Words cannot express just how amazing Pittsburgh Ketamine is. Dr. Macler and Jean gave me peace of mind from the first time I spoke with them. They get it. They understand the urgency of depression. I found this website and reached out to Pittsburgh Ketamine on Friday evening. Within 2 hours I had spoken to Dr. Macler and been offered a chance to set up an appointment for the next morning. My husband had been depressed for the last 15 years. He had been suicidal for the last 3 years and we had never had anyone who had reacted so quickly and efficiently. We had tried everything…medications, hospitalizations, outpatient behavioral therapy programs, genetic testing, electroconvulsive therapy…and the list goes on. We had been told that we had to just ¨wait it out¨; there was nothing left for him to try. I was convinced that it was no longer ¨if¨ he would commit suicide, but ¨when.¨ I was afraid to go home from work and find him dead.

All of that has changed. We spent the week after Christmas with Dr. Macler and by the New Year his depression was gone. No suicidal thoughts, no inability to get out of bed, no deep sadness in his eyes — every symptom of his depression was gone. He was light-hearted and fun! He was motivated and happy. He was healthy. Since the first set of treatments, life is unrecognizable from before. Dr. Macler and his wife gave us our life back. We were surviving the day…now we are living our life. Thank you Dr. Macler! Thank you Jean!”

– Corie, 45

"Like Living With a Different Person"

“Coming to Pittsburgh Ketamine for my grandson’s treatment was the best thing that has happened for our family. My grandson has been bipolar for years and possibly from birth. He talked about committing suicide so many times, I had reached the point that I knew I would find him dead one day. Life was literally overwhelming for our family.
But you, your wife, and the treatment saved his life. He told me after we returned home that he had never been as happy, not even as a child. Before the treatment, he would barely leave his condo even to go to lunch with me. We noticed even before he completed the treatment, that it was like living with a different person. We went to 3 museums and the Frank Lloyd Wright house while in Pittsburgh for the treatment, and he really enjoyed it. He has now found a job for the first time in his life and met a really nice girl. Continuing on the medicine in pill form has been another blessing.
I cannot thank you enough for making this treatment available to those who need it.”

– Marie, 75

"Been With Us Every Step"

“We can not be more grateful to Pittsburgh Ketamine. Dr. Macler has been with us every step. I can not explain how supported we felt throughout this treatment. The doctor and staff stood by us every step of the way. For my daughter, it works. She has tried every horrible treatment and every drug out there. We are so HAPPY we found this treatment and we found this practice close enough for us to get the help that works for us. Thank you so much Dr. Macler!”

– Susan, 45

"They Truly Care"

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Macler, Jean, and Kerri at Pittsburgh Ketamine. They truly care about their patients and he made sure to address every question we had before starting any treatment plan. You will not find a more knowledgeable or compassionate group of people in my opinion.”

– Kathy, 39

"Treat You Like Family"

“Dr. Macler saved my life. He and his staff are absolutely amazing! I had been on the hamster wheel of antipsychotics, anti-convulsants, you name it. Nothing helped. I found Dr. Macler and my life has improved exponentially. Thank you so very much Dr. Macler and family; because they treat you like family. They truly are concerned with your well-being and are completely non-judgmental, which has not been my experience with many healthcare professionals. I will continue on my path to wellness with Dr. Macler. No question about it. Thank you for making this treatment available, for thinking and doing outside the box and, most of all, for your compassion.”

– Michelle, 40

"Treatments Are a Breeze"

“My experience with Dr. Macler may be the best I’ve ever had with any healthcare professional! He is incredibly kind and great to listen and respond promptly to any questions or concerns, and my first two treatments were an absolute breeze thanks to how comfortable his office is, not to mention his awesome staff. My fiance, who was very skeptical of this treatment, is completely supportive of it now that he has met Dr. Macler’s team at Pittsburgh Ketamine. It is so obvious that they are truly concerned about the well-being of their patients from the moment you contact them about treatment. I really can’t recommend them enough, and I am excited to continue my relationship with them for further treatments.”

– Hunter, 33

"My Last Hope"

“Ketamine treatment has been life-saving! This was my last hope. After 30 years of sinking despite everything else (40+ meds in all possible combinations, 14 or so inpatient stays, electroconvulsive therapy treatments) and none of these methods were effective.

I have been brought back from the grave with the infusions. I’d like to make a point of saying that my personal experience was that my progress had been jagged for a spell but to date I feel better than I’ve ever felt since onset of illness during childhood.

Dr. Macler, Jean, his wife and partner at the clinic, and nurse Kerry are amazing… knowledgeable and truly compassionate. I have the deepest respect and gratitude for them. It is an absolute privilege to receive care from here.”
– Dave, 57

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