Watch Our Patients Share Their Transformative Experiences


From an early age, Sybelle felt she had to hide her struggles with mental health.

Her suicidal thoughts started at the young age of ten, and she first entered therapy at eleven years old. By the time she turned 18, it was habitual to suppress her feelings of depression and suicidality. By 2015, the symptoms became too much to bear – Sybelle was hospitalized and put on antidepressants. She spent five years on these antidepressants before hearing about ketamine.

Frustrated at the system that failed her – “If you’ve gone through thirty years, and you find that out, that something exists that gets rid of this, it’s hard not to be mad. Like, how could no one tell me? Why is this a secret?”

When she found NYKI, the treatment process started rough. Seeing incredible results after just one infusion, she says she’s still shocked at how drastically different her life is post-ketamine, without constant suicidal ideation.

“A huge part of hope came with this treatment.”


For Arthur, life before ketamine was bleak.

Coming from a place of darkness, within the depths of depression, his whole life was affected. Following a recommendation from his therapist, he visited Dr. Brooks at NYKI but was concerned about ketamine infusion therapy.

“Dr. Brooks saved my life.”

Going from depression and suicidality to enjoying his life and time with his family again is just the tip of the iceberg for Arthur’s new life after ketamine infusion. 

Arthur knows hope isn’t always easy to find, but ketamine helped him get there.


Throughout her life, things haven’t been easy for Jean.

Growing up in a chaotic and dysfunctional home, Jean struggled with depression from a young age. Following a bipolar disorder diagnosis and the Covid-19 pandemic, Jean was almost admitted but was persuaded to try ketamine instead.

Finding her way to NYKI, she met Dr. Brooks, who was able to explain that she also has in PTSD from childhood trauma. Together, they set out to start treatment. After seven infusion sessions, Jean started to feel like herself again.

Years down the road, after another period of trauma, Jean returned to NYKI for booster infusions and has found herself once again.


Life before ketamine wasn’t going very well for Lauren.

Having felt depression and anxiety since childhood, Lauren reached a point where she was attempting suicide. Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and put on a litany of antidepressants, she found that the treatments weren’t working, and the symptoms persisted.

When she found Dr. Brooks at NYKI, his work was “life-changing.” Ketamine infusions have brought her relief that no pill or therapy session has ever been able to deliver her. 

“Is this what happy people feel like?”

With renewed purpose, identity, and energy, Lauren felt like a fog had been lifted from her brain.

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