I sought ketamine infusion treatment for depression from Dr. Brooks in August 2013. My depression has impaired me for 30 years and rendered me empty, alone, suicidal, and virtually disabled. For me, ketamine works. You cannot imagine the feeling when decades of suffering rapidly drain away. For the first time in my adult life, I feel alive and hopeful for my future. Dr. Brooks is very skilled, very compassionate, and very knowledgeable about the current state of ketamine research. He really engaged with me, and gave me unlimited time to ask all my questions. His manner is friendly and professional, and his focus on precision and safety instills confidence. As ketamine treatment becomes more widespread, Dr. Brooks’ should serve as a role model for other doctors.


He did what no one else had been able to do. I suffered from childhood molestation and subsequent PTS for three decades. I was hospitalized twice for attempted suicide, received ECT, was on countless failed medications and received years of therapy. Nothing helped my deep depression and anxiety. I was no longer able to work. Just getting out of bed, taking a shower or brushing my teeth became impossible. Thoughts of suicide consumed my life. At the suggesting of my psychiatrist I was referred to Dr. Brooks. I had never experienced such empathy and understanding of my my condition. He listened, then explained in simple English how ketamine therapy was different in that it actually helped repair the damage to my brain that resulted from my childhood trauma. My first ketamine infusion took 45 mins. There was a mild but pleasant dissociation that took place. Within 8 hours I began to feel a lightening and decrease in the dread that was my life. By the next day I experienced a peace I had never felt before. I was smiling and had hope. A fog had been lifted. I had an additional recommended 5 infusions within the next 10 days and am now on a maintenance program where I return for a single “booster” infusion every couple of months. Dr. Brooks could not be more caring and attentive. He understood my depression and how to treat it. Every patient has his cell number and 24/7 access to him. He is the most amazing physician I have ever encountered. He saved my life and I can not thank him enough.


My experience with Dr. Macler may be the best I’ve ever had with any healthcare professional! He is incredibly kind and great to listen and respond promptly to any questions or concerns, and my first two treatments were an absolute breeze thanks to how comfortable his office is, not to mention his awesome staff. My fiance, who was very skeptical of this treatment, is now completely supportive of it now that he has met Dr. Macler’s team at Pittsburgh Ketamine. It is so obvious that they are truly concerned about the well-being of their patients from the moment you contact them about treatment. I really can’t recommend them enough, and I am excited to continue my relationship with them for further treatments :)


I can not say enough about Dr. Macler, Jean, and Kerri at Pittsburgh Ketamine. They truly care about their patients and he made sure to address every question we had before starting any treatment plan. You will not find a more knowledgeable or compassionate group of people in my opinion.


I can’t remember when I first met Dr. Brooks who I call my angel but it was after I got Conplex Regional Pain Syndrome in January of 2015. Dr. Brooks has been the only one to help me when I’ve been screaming in pain to other doctors who just look at me like I’m crazy from being in so much pain. Dr. Brooks’s not only understood, he helped me more than anybody in my entire life has. It’s very important who gives you the ketamine infusion. Dr. Brooks in my eyes is the only one that qualifies. He is commpassionate, empathetic, and even has a great sense of humor. If your hurting and no one is hearing you I am telling you to call my angel Dr. Brooks and he will heal you.

Mary Ferlauto

Dr. Brooks is a brilliant, compassionate Dr. who will Revolutionize depression treatment for those who have found nothing helped and were left even worse for going to Psychiatrists for help. Ketamine is a multifaceted treatment which alleviates Physical Pain, Mental Depression and PTSD, and addiction to Painkillers. If it weren’t for him, I may not be alive, and I certainly would only be surviving, not living life in a healthy way. I cannot recommend or repay him enough.


Dr. Macler and his staff at Pittsburgh Ketamine changed my life forever! Words cannot express the gratitude I have for him and the treatment I received! When I was 16, I began to notice that I was becoming generally unhappy with my life. Being an honors student who was involved in many extracurricular activities and who loved being social, my mood began to severely decline in my last years of high school. I had a bright future ahead of me; attending a great college after graduation, loving parents, many supportive friends, and so much ambition to create a wonderful future for myself, I found myself not thinking so positively about my future anymore. With a high genetic predisposition for severe depression and anxiety, these mental illnesses began to rear their ugly heads when I began college. I hit rock bottom at 25 and knew that I needed to desperately seek help. After seeing multiple therapists, psychiatrists, and being placed on a number of different medications throughout the years, my mood seemed to be remaining stagnant in a state of depression.
After doing some research, my mother came across the Pittsburgh Ketamine Clinic. I was very sceptical at first about the treatments because nothing I had tried in the past 10 years had seemed to work. My social anxiety, depression, and OCD was at its peak and my life seemed very hopeless. Dr. Macler and his wife, Jean were so helpful in making this process as painless and smooth as possible for myself and my family. My parents noticed an improvement in my mood after the second treatment! After my third treatment, I had an emotional breakdown and cried with tears of joy because I hadn’t felt so happy about life in over 10 years! After my sixth and final treatment, I can honestly say that these ketamine treatments have saved my life! I never thought in a million years that I could be this happy again! No longer am I terrified to go out in public and be social, no longer do I cry for days on end because I feel “alone,” no longer do I overanalyze situations to the point that I have panic attacks, and no longer do I see my future as bleak and hopeless. I still have “bad days,” but I have learned how to cope with them. They are no longer bad MONTHS! I am so grateful for Dr. Macler, Jean, and Kerry for their patience, understanding, their intense care, and willingness to help provide a better life for me. These people have truly impacted MY life and the lives of my family members in ways they will never realize. Thank you so much Dr. Macler, Jean, and Kerry, for all that you have done for me and for helping me love living my life again!

Cory Krchnavy

Thank you. From the moment you walk into reception at Pittsburgh Ketamine, you are treated like family. It’s comforting to know that Hank, Jean and Kerri strive for the very best in your health care.


I have suffered from severe drug resistant depression for over 30 years. Despite years of treatment, with every major anti-depressant imaginable, as well as cognitive therapy and any other form of therapy available, I have had little to no relief. A couple of months ago, my psychopharmacologist told me about Ketamine infusions and the reasons he thought it might help my depression. I researched it and called Dr. Brooks. After speaking to him at length, he asked to speak to my doctor. They spoke and then I then made an appointment to receive my first infusion. The Ketamine infusions have made a significant difference in my life. I feel lighter, the weight has been lifted. The fog is gone! I get out of bed, instead of hiding there all day. I can work consistently and socialize. I want to explore my community and the world. And…I can say that I am happy; a word that I haven’??t used to describe myself since I don’??t know when! Dr. Brooks has been unbelievable! He is supportive, informative and available to answer any and all of my questions. He understands the toll depression takes on it’s victims. He is compassionate and kind. Prior to working with Ketamine, Dr. Brooks worked with drug addicts in detox. I believe the negative reviews are from patients who were unable to stay clean. I say this because I have met several patients receiving help for depression and pain at his office. They all feel the same way I do about Dr. Brooks. This Is Not About Money For Him!!! It’s About Saving Lives!!!!!


Dr. Macler saved my life. He and his staff are absolutely amazing! I had been on the hamster wheel of anti-psychotics, anti-convulsants, you name it. Nothing helped. I found Dr. Macler and my life has improved exponentially. Thank you so very much Dr. Macler and family; because they treat you like family. They truly are concerned with your well-being and are completely non-judgemental, which has not been my experience with many healthcare professionals. I will continue on my path to wellness with Dr. Macler. No question about it. Thank you for making this treatment available, for thinking and doing outside the box and most of all for your compassion.


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