Actual Letters From Patients Like You

“Dr. Brooks has been unbelievable! He is supportive, informative and available to answer any and all of my questions. He is compassionate and kind. He understands the toll depression takes on its victims.”
- Sarah, 35

"...Truly changed my life"

I’ll never forget how kind and genuinely empathetic that Dr. Brooks was, the first time that I called his office. It was he who answered..not a receptionist, or even a nurse. I immediately traveled to New York, and, after decades of my trying (to no avail), Dr. Brooks has truly changed my life – ever since. Money is not what matters to Dr. Brooks; healing you is. He saved me.
-Chris, 50

"I found a sense of wellbeing that I had not experienced since I was a child"

Dr. Brooks is a rare breed. He actually cares and is personally invested in every one of his patients.

I came into Dr. Brooks’s office late last year at the end of my rope in my lifelong battle with depression (as other treatments and medications did not work for me, but rather, gave me very adverse reactions). I cannot state with enough emphasis how quickly these infusions truly changed my dismal perspective on life.

After my initial treatment phase, I found the energy and impetus to begin caring again and a sense of wellbeing that I had not experienced since I was a child.

I cannot stress enough the personal care and individualized attention Dr. Brooks gives to his patients. He truly is an angel and that extends to his compassionate staff as well. THANK YOU for showing me a neuroscientific way to truly rebalance myself and regain my sense of purpose in life.
-Christina B, 43

"The entire staff is amazing. Thank you…for giving me a second chance at life!"

The entire staff is amazing, from the receptionist to the nurses. They constantly check up on you while receiving the treatment to make sure you’re feeling okay, offering pillows and blankets as well. They really don’t make you feel like just another patient. You can chat and laugh with the staff, making me feel comfortable and in a safe place while receiving the ketamine.

As for the treatment, I feel wonderful. My relationships have been more enjoyable, my mood has been great, I have clear mental health improvement and I even have the desire to better my life (no fast food, stronger work ethic and I have the willpower to exercise). These are REAL and GENUINE examples. Thank you staff at NY Ketamine infusions for giving me a second chance at life!
-Tim B, 30

"...My daughter feels like a new person"

“Having a daughter who has suffered from the vicious cycle of depression and anxiety for most of her life, my eyes were always open to anything I think might help her. My daughter had heard about ketamine infusions for depression and spoke to a few people who have tried it and had excellent results. We decided to give it a try and researched where it was done in New York. We came across Dr. Glen Brooks who sat with us for a generous amount of time. He listened, he asked questions, and had great patience in explaining all the details and what to expect. I am beyond happy to say that my daughter feels like a new person and is making strides in the life she deserves. Seeing is believing….it worked.”
-NYKI Patient’s Parent 

"The most dedicated doctor I have ever met"

“Dr. Brooks is the kindest, most dedicated and caring doctor I have ever met. A rare breed, for sure.” 
-Chrissy, 34

"Dramatically positive effects"

“As someone who has spent a lifetime seeking self improvement as well as organic and pharmaceutical based solutions to my emotional imbalance, I can attest with confidence to the dramatically positive effects of ketamine on my severe state of depression. The doctor and staff perfect in professionalism, competence and compassion.”
– Jon, 54

"After years of struggling..."

“After years of struggling with PTSD, OCD, depression and anxiety, I finally decided to try ketamine IV infusions. It has literally saved my life. Dr. Brooks and his staff are caring and accommodating. I am deeply grateful for NYKI.”
– Jude, 45

"Finally found an effective treatment"

“So glad I came here. Dr. Brooks and his entire staff are some of the most caring people you will ever meet, and I finally found an effective treatment for my depression after 30 years.”
– John, 43

"He's A Rare Breed"

“Dr Brooks is hands down the most compassionate doctor I have ever met!! He is so incredibly kind and caring. He truly is in this to help people and not to make money off the unfortunate. He genuinely cares about you as an individual. He answers his own phone! Now who does that?! Not one doctor I know that’s for sure! His new office is comfortable and accommodating. His staff is excellent. I can’t say enough great things about Dr Brooks! He got my CRPS pain down from a 6/7/8 to a zero/1/2!!! Love this man; He’s a rare breed.”
– Erin, 51


“I’ve never met a physician with more patience, compassion and attentiveness than Dr. Brooks. He’s remarkable.”
– Maria, 36

"Eternally Grateful"

“Dr. Brooks saved my life! Ketamine helped me through drug side effects and pain that was beyond my wildest imagination. He really cared and was there for me like no other physician (and I have met many of the best). I am eternally grateful…”
– Grace, 28

"Turned My Life Around"

“I’ve gone for treatments and it turned my life around. I gotta be honest…it was a last resort kind of thing and I was worried it was a hokey gimmick to grab cash at first but, damn, I was so wrong.”
– Toni, 29

"Will Heal You"

“If you’re hurting and no one is hearing you, call my angel Dr. Brooks and he will heal you.”
– Mary, 48

"Most Importantly Listens"

“I’ve suffered from Complex PTSD for most of my life. My experience with Dr. Brooks and the ketamine infusions was fantastic. I now have the same zest for life as I did as a young child! The care and compassion that Dr. Brooks brought to my experience was as important as the treatment. He has a very empathetic and calming effect and most importantly LISTENS.”
– Julia, 43

"Understands... Depression"

“Dr. Brooks has been unbelievable! He is supportive, informative and available to answer any and all of my questions. He is compassionate and kind. He understands the toll depression takes on its victims.”
– Anonymous, 30

"Saved my life"

“[Dr. Brooks] did what no one else had been able to do. I was hospitalized twice, received ECT, was on countless failed medications and received years of therapy. Nothing helped my deep depression and anxiety. Dr. Brooks could not be more caring and attentive. He understood my depression and how to treat it. He is the most amazing physician I have ever encountered. He saved my life and I can not thank him enough."

- Nicole , 37

"Nothing comes close to the relief..."

“Dr. Brooks has been nothing but excellent. I was at a dead end on treatments for CRPS so I reached out…On Day 2 of my treatment, I was almost pain free and using my right hand for the first time in over 2 years. My wife has the video and the look on my and her faces says it all…I’ve seen over 15 doctors, specialists, and therapists and have used virtually every medication, nerve block, etc. and nothing comes close to the relief I’ve felt. Dr. Brooks is the best. I can call or email any time and always get a quick response. He is not just a great doctor, but he has become like an uncle. That’s how down-to-earth and caring he is. If you’re hurting, give him a call. What is there to lose?”
– James, 46

"Suffered for over 30 years..."

“I have suffered from severe drug resistant depression for over 30 years. Ketamine infusions have made a significant difference in my life. I feel lighter. The weight has been lifted. I get out of bed instead of hiding all day. I can work consistently and socialize. And…I can say that I am happy; a word that I haven’t used to describe myself since I don’t know when!”
– Marcia, 72

"The Miracle Worker"

“As a 24 year-old suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, I had almost given up all hope. Thanks to Dr. Brooks’ outstanding treatment of this disorder, I now live pain free! I now refer to him as “The Miracle Worker.” I don’t know where I would be if it was not for NY Ketamine Infusions. Thanks, Dr. Brooks!”
– Adam, 34

"Respects His Patients"

“Once again needed to talk to Dr. Brooks and within 10 minutes I had my question answered by him. Don’t know how he does it but as I said before, you will never find a doctor who cares and respects his patients more. You’re family with him, not just another patient. Class act.”

– Jim, 46

"Gift from God!"

“Never do you know what you may need and when you may need it. I will only say that Dr. Brooks and his ENTIRE staff is a gift from God! Professional, experienced, compassionate  and empowering. Helping me to get back what I so dearly needed…my sense of self.  Do not hesitate to seek out this treatment if suggested.  Did I say I love the staff?”

– Louis, 61 

"I had tried EVERYTHING"

“Dr. Brooks has been treating me for several years and I can only say he is arguably the most knowledgeable, compassionate, down to earth doctor I have known.  He is a literal pioneer in ketamine treatment.  Without going into the particulars of my condition, I will only say I had tried EVERYTHING, in vain, for years, at the expense of my wallet and sanity.  I was at the end of my rope.  Ketamine gave me back my peace of mind, my creativity.  I never thought I’d feel normal again.  

Other doctors are now trying to cash in on ketamine treatments and charge insane rates. Brooks charges reasonable rates for treatment.  He is always present for the treatment.  He is knowledgeable about what to do in any situation, unlike other less experienced doctors.  I hope everybody gives ketamine the thought and chance it deserves as a treatment option…”

– Christina, 41


“Great center. Great treatment! I was reborn thanks to Dr. Brooks”

– Realia, 29

"[His] compassion equals his brilliance"

“Dr. Brooks is a doctor whose compassion equals his brilliance in treating his patients. I receive ketamine infusions for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), and they are an incredible help in knocking the unrelenting pain down to a level where I not only increase functionality, but can also enjoy life again. I highly  recommend this treatment and this doctor. In addition, the office and nursing staff are professional, helpful and empathic. The treatment area is comfortable, and I feel completely safe throughout my treatment, as I know I’m in excellent hands.”

– Corrine, 49

"The Best Doctor In the Tri-State Area"

“The best doctor in the tri-state area! I’ve had countless medical problems, yet he has the best of both in the rare combination of a physician.  Compassion and an encyclopedic knowledge of medicine.  If you are having depression and oral medications don’t work, you must see him.”

– Michael, 44 

"A True Life Saver"

“Dr. Brooks is the best. He has helped me when many others have failed. Extremely knowledgeable and caring. A true life saver.”

– Michael, 61

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